12 2 / 2012

"Having worked for & with a # of celebrities, I am left with this: Being famous is hard. Like the rollercoaster of how we all feel when someone “special” follows us here, or responds or RTs, or the sting when someone grows bored & unfollows. But real & times a billion. And, yeah, having money is nice. But it really isn’t everything. And if you’re sitting on a big pile of money & your life is still broke…how could you do anything but despair? And you go cuckoo & nobody will tell you “No!” because you’re the Emperor, clothed or not. You’re the boss. And everybody needs things how they are with you. And even when it spirals, accidentally & predictably all the way out of control, your poor dead body has to endure one final round of reviews of your Swan song from the world. No. Thanks. Caissie St.Onge"